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Fingal DOG Clean Up
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Hi all, today some wonderful people came together for a social distancing group clean up of our communities, organised and supported by Fingal Dog Owners Group, Swords Tidy Towns, Swords Civil Defence, Cllr. Ann Graves, Cllr. Dean Mulligan, and some amazing members of our communities  

It was a really positive thing to do, to look after our communities and to set a good example to others. The cleaner we keep our areas, the less likely people will litter. The more people see us clean up, the worse they'll feel about littering. This is about setting a positive example, to have a knock on effect and to show pride in our communities and encourage positive behaviours from all. As one amazing little boy said, he felt he did something good to help the creatures!  

I am on the committee for Fingal Dog Owners Group, who promote responsible dog ownership, and I cleaned up dog poo around/near the paths. We brought dog poo bags to provide to people if we saw them not picking up. I saw lots of different dog owners during the clean up putting their dog poo in bins, which is fantastic. Although it is a big problem, the majority of waste collected today was not dog poo. There was a huge amount of plastic, cans, bottles of vodka, gloves, broken glass, and general waste. There was also human poo. Many of us who cleaned up today have dogs and are responsible dog owners, and we all shared the same upset about the amount of dog waste, but in particular the negativity to all dog owners because of this, which negatively affects our walks and our mental health.

We had so many people smiling at us and thanking us for what we did today. This positivity is so much more effective than the negative posts on social media. We feel good, we got out for fresh air, we met with people in our communities and feel less isolated, we made a huge difference to our area and we are looking after our environment. Please think about how effective your social media posts are and change them into something positive, so we can all enjoy and look after our communities equally and
mind our own mental health  

Every time you feel like posting on social media about litter, if people picked up a piece of litter and put it in a bin, it would be so much better for us all. We all need to come together and enjoy our communities. The issues communities face shouldn't divide us.

I work full time and I volunteer in the community. I love my community. I spent time this week buying litter pickers, organising resources from FCC and dropping them around to people in Swords Manor and Rivervalley to do the same on their walks. People who are out for a walk with dogs, and out running, have also collected rubbish from the woods, the Jacko, and their estates and will continue to do this. Community spirit is really amazing! Everyone has time to do something. Every little helps. Most people are walking every day now (as a dog owner, I walk twice a day, 365 days a year). If we all did something small, we could make a huge difference. Please share this message and get everyone on board  Also, please email Fingal County Council about the litter issue, as we have to make a difference and we need their help.

Thank you to everyone who supported us today and to everyone who does this all the time on their walks - walkers, runners, dog owners, families, children, and of course our furry friends who joined us today   You're all amazing and I hope to see you again for another one soon  When the pubs open up again, we can enjoy a nice refreshment afterwards and support our local businesses    Be kind and stay safe. Amber


Dog Park - St. Catherines Liffey Valley - They just don't work in Irish weather

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Supporters of Fingal D.O.G. with Councillors Dean Mulligan, Ann Graves and Jimmy Guerin before this month's council meeting where the review of the parks and bylaws is expected to be discussed.

Xmas Dog Walk 2019. Our Christmas social walk attended by Petbond vet Dr. Tim Kirby

and his rescue dog Dream. Great attendance by Fingal residents.

Xmas 2019.jpg
Xmas2019 2.jpg

Fingal Dog Owners Group organised 3 brilliant walks this weekend in Swords, Baldoyle and Malahide, for Fingal's Social Inclusion Week, as we are now registered with the Public Participation Network (PPN). The walks were a great way to meet new people and socialise dogs, brilliant for physical and mental health. Walks were attended and supported by renowned dog trainers and behaviourists, Siobhán Owens and Suzi Walsh, who provided training tips and advice throughout to promote responsible dog ownership. Demonstrations were provided by the Canine Good Citizens who trained and won awards recently. We also provided dog poo bags to promote responsible owners cleaning up after their dogs! We had dogs on lead, off lead, and muzzled, all down to the responsible owners and their knowledge and effective control of their dogs. We did not have any incidents and we respected all park users. The dogs loved playing and running around, choosing which dogs to socialise with and keeping distance from dogs they were unsure of. Owners enjoyed a coffee and a chat while keeping control of their dogs and making sure they didn't end up in the smelly pond! Most problems are caused with dogs on lead and owners not understanding their body language and signals of stress. 


Fingal D.O.G. was set up in response to a restrictive bylaw that affects responsible dog owners providing their dogs with adequate physical and mental stimulation in their local parks and communities, essential for their welfare and wellbeing. Fingal D.O.G. promotes responsible dog ownership in order to share our parks and local amenities responsibly and equally. We love our dogs and need to mind our own mental and physical health. 


Thank you to all who attended and a massive thank you to Siobhán and Suzi who were fantastic and their support is truly appreciated. Thanks to the committee who volunteer to fight for equality in their own time, around their own commitments. Finally, it was lovely meeting all the lovely people and doggies and hope to see you again in the future! I now have 2 very tired, sleepy lurchers .


Fingal Inclusion Week

Cllr Ann Graves.png

Survey on park bye-laws

The council has been quizzed on how it proposed to carry out a promised review of park bye-laws, including surveys on their operation among park users, particularly in relation to the most controversial of those bye-laws which has led to off-leash dog walking activity being restricted to certain areas or times in our public parks.

Cllr Ann Graves (SF) asked the council 'how the planned survey will be carried out, and will it be targeted at user groups?'

Cllr Graves also asked: 'When will it take place and for which parks?'

The council issued a written response to the Sinn Féin councillor's question.

The council reply stated: 'An independent specialist survey company has been engaged to undertake the review of the parks and open spaces bye-laws. Park users surveys will be carried out across the county by way of on the ground interviews over the coming weeks.


'To avoid bias in the results, no specific user groups will be targeted.

'Approximately 25 parks including regional, local and neighbourhood parks will be surveyed and it is expected that the results will be presented to the elected members, later this year.

The restrictions on off-leash dog walking activities in many of our public parks has led to protests in our parks and on our streets from angry dog owners since the controversial bye-laws were adopted.

Fingal Dog Owners Group (DOG) has orgainsed the effort against the bye-laws and remains determined to see them reversed.

Fingal Independent

Baldoyle Racecourse Information/Social Walk


Some of our members recently took part in the canine good citizen awards and 8 received

both silver and bronze awards. Trained by Siobhàn Owens of Dublin Pet School


Canine Good Citizen Dog Scheme


Fingal DOG with huge thanks to Siobhan Owens have been approved by the Irish Kennel Club to put a group forward to be tested for Canine good citizen. 

Siobhan has kindly offered to hold a course of group classes to get everyone test ready. Classes start this Wednesday 10th July at 6:45pm and will run for 6 weeks.


Testing will be on Wednesday 21st August. Classes will take place in River Valley Park. Spaces are limited and you must be willing to commit to the course. There will be a fee of €20 per dog payable upfront on the first day.

Email to reserve your spot.


River valley park clean up by Fingal Dog Owners Group

A big thank you to Debi Nikita for organising the recenrt morning clean up and thank you to everyone that turned up to help! Some items were too large for us to take! Thank you to Emily, Sean and our four legged helper Bailey! My two kids Ella and Aaron! More photos here...


Fingal County Council Online Consultation Portal 

There will be an on line submission process very shortly for Baldoyle race course. They are proposing a two acre cage in a 200 acre park.

Please use this opportunity to be counted and have your say. Your help is urgently required!

You need to register here make submissions on fcc website

As always, we really appreciated your support.


Congratulations to all councillors who were successful in the recent elections. We are looking forward to working with you for the good of  all parks and park users in Fingal.  


Dog Walk Protest 

Swords - Sunday

7th April 2019

 Thanks to everyone who walked with us on Sunday afternoon. Your continued support is very much appreciated! Fingal DOG committee.

Protest-7-April - 4
Protest-7-April - 4

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Protest-7-April - 5
Protest-7-April - 5

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Protest-7-April - 6
Protest-7-April - 6

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Protest-7-April - 4
Protest-7-April - 4

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Fingal D.O.G. Muzzled

Fingal Dog Owners Group were muzzled at the County Council meeting by the Mayor on Monday 11th March. You can watch the meeting here, go to 2 hours 48 minutes into the recording to hear Councillor Donnelly's request on our behalf and the Mayor's rebuffal.


Gets Message Heard

A sincere word of thanks to everyone who supported us at the public meeting in the Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords on Tuesday 26th February. Over 300 people attended including Fingal Council councillors and a dog behaviourist. We are delighted with this turnout. Your continued support is very much appreciated


Download the power point document that was presented at the meeting   here


Public Meeting , Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords. Photo taken 20 minutes before meeting started!

Petition Exceeds 8,000 Target

Thanks to all who have already signed our petition "Fingal Co Council: Give back the Freedom to Walk your Dog Off Leash, Change Back the New Bye Laws" and helping us to reach our previous 8,000 target. Our goal now is to reach 10,000 signatures. Your support is greatly appreciated.
You can read more and sign the petition 

Thanks, Tomás!


I would love it if you took a moment to check out our GoFundMe campaign by clicking here

Your support would mean a lot to us.

Thank you so much!



Ward River Valley

dog cage area.

Doubles as paddy field

for growing rice in winter.

Would you bring your dog in here?



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